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Kennt ihr die noch? Lack- oder Glanzbilder, ich war ja ein grosser Sammler. Jetzt habe ich sie wieder! Und weil das so ist, gibt es hier nun einen Tribut an ausgesuchte Scheusslichkeiten.


I can’t find a suitable translation for „Lackbild“ or „Glanzbild“ (lacquer or shiny picture) anywhere, maybe this is a german phenomenon. Now, you might know them as Scrappictures, but that doesen’t sound right, I’m sorry… I used to collect them as a child. Lackbilder are sold in pre-cut sets on individual sheets but still connected by small paper bridges. Themes vary widely as does the quality. Some are shiny, some even have some glitter on them. Yeah, glitter! And some are plain right ugly. Have a look.

mehr | more –> that is where the pic on the left is from, as well


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